About Us

Kaizan Aero Manufacturing are manufacturing specialists in Aircraft Refrigeration System Assembly, Tube Assembly Fabrication, as well as Brazing and Welding. We work with some of the largest players in the aerospace industry.

The company started business as a manufacturer of evaporators, condensers and suctions tubes used in the assembly of aircraft refrigeration units. Over time, we developed our capabilities and expanded our product line to include tube assembly fabrication as well as brazing and welding capabilities which are used in products across industries.

Kaizan Aero Manufacturing was established in 2017 to cater to a market niche supplying to the aerospace industry. Currently, we work with primary industry suppliers. Our company founders are confident that Malaysia’s skilled local labour market, readily available facilities and ideal location provide a solid foundation for the company’s continued growth.

We started off in a shop lot of a 3,300 square feet (with 1 full set of manufacturing and checking equipment, and only 4 staff). Three years later in 2020, Kaizan Aero Manufacturing moved into larger, more modern premises equipped with new equipment, additional space and a clean room to meet our increasing volume and expanded our ability to manufacture larger components.

square feets of new premises
units/month of output capacity
on-time delivery

Our Strengths


Kaizan Aero Manufacturing is a trusted business partner and single-source global supplier to one of the largest companies in the aerospace industry. Reliability is a hallmark of our company with high product quality, meticulous workmanship and an on-time delivery rate in excess of 95%.

Kaizan Aero Manufacturing recognises that strong relationships are the foundations of success.

A successful business partnership is built on trust and loyalty. We understand what our customers need to meet their goals, and they believe in our ability to support them. It is such relationships which gives us the ability to achieve our goals, meet challenges and grow together.
Bryan Tang, Managing Director


Precision is essential in our trade and we take great pride in nurturing the skills, workmanship and processes required to manufacture products of the highest quality.

Kaizen Aero Manufacturing’s management and staff are highly trained in manufacturing intricate components by hand. Our senior trainers hold Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) certifications for AWS D17.1 Specification for Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications, which provides the general welding requirements for welding aircraft and space hardware. These senior instructors also receive training abroad and in turn, impart continual hands-on directions and guidance to locally-trained staff.


Safety remains tantamount to our business. We are totally committed to improving the well-being of our workers even as we expand on our product lines, volume and capacity.

We never compromise on product safety or workplace safety. That’s why we place a heavy emphasis on training our staff to ensure that secure processes and proper procedures are always followed. Safe practices are vital in ensuring our products are reliable and of the highest quality.
Bryan Tang, Managing Director


Southeast Asia is centrally positioned in relation to Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our manufacturing plant in Selangor, Malaysia is ideally placed and well-connected logistically for fast shipment to current major clients in the Philippines, Thailand and the United States.

In addition to Malaysia’s strategic location, our stable socioeconomic and political foundation, multilingual workforce and strong legal framework allows for a conducive business environment suitable for international contract manufacturers.